I can’t overstate enough how much Benny’s treatment has improved my life

Prior to coming to GWH (Great Wall Health Center) I’d had zero experience with acupuncture – I began looking into it as a way to “recalibrate” my body, as I’d been experiencing serious stress for quite a long time and it was reflected in my cycle (completely out of sync), my skin (recurrent, severe acne cysts on my chin), and in the anxiety and panic attacks I was having on an ever more frequent basis.

Typical doctors could only prescribe me topical medication (which didn’t work) for my acne, and refused to test my hormone levels as they said it wouldn’t help anything, even though I was convinced that was where the problems largely came from.

Ultimately, I went to see Benny because of his experience with women’s health and hormone issues, and I am so glad I did – from my very first treatment I was like a new person. My cycle became regular again, my skin cleared up entirely, and where I had previously been an anxious, over-serious wreck I was almost immediately filled with a very calm, peaceful mindset.

It sounds cheesy, but I often found myself happy without cause, and looking forward to everyday events again. I can’t overstate enough how much Benny’s treatment has improved my life. Additionally, the other staff that I’ve met in his office have always been extremely friendly and courteous, and best of all – there’s almost no waiting when you go to see them. Where else can you find that?

W.J. L


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