I came across Great Wall Clinic & Health Centre about ten years ago

I emigrated from Hong Kong to Calgary in 1989.

I have always considered myself to be reasonably healthy, except for some minor setback (for example, I have osteoarthritis and ongoing allergies, infections and migraines). When I was younger, common cold, sore throat, laryngitis and bronchitis are regular occurrences. When antibiotics failed to eliminate my ailments, I turned to traditional Chinese medicine and have since been receptive to taking herbs and other Asian healing methods.

My present job is a legal assistant in a national law firm. My job can be chaotic and stressful at times. Therefore, to ensure that I am alert and focussed at work, I pay special attention to my health and am dedicated to a routine exercise schedule.

I came across Great Wall Clinic & Health Centre about ten years ago and was curious to know about their services. I started seeing Dr. Benny Xu a little while later for my headaches. At that time, Dr. Xu assessed my condition and started acupuncture treatment and am pleased to say that my headaches disappeared rather quickly.

Then a few years later, I started to have heel pain. It got so bad that I had trouble getting out of bed. I went to Dr. Xu who asked for my x-ray image. He then started a series of acupuncture treatments on the affected heel and areas once a week. After about a month or so, I started to see the progress and was able to gradually return to my normal activities.

My future outlook is optimistic as I believe in investing in your health, i.e. find the health practitioner that suits your needs and take the time to undergo the treatments as required. To me, acupuncture has always been my preference over oral medication as I found it to be an effective relief for chronic nerve pain. I would recommend everyone to try traditional Chinese medicine and other services provided by Great Wall Clinic & Health Centre and other health practitioners.

S. Martin (52), Calgary


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