• “With my second pregnancy I intended to have a natural, medication free birth only. I have relied on acupuncture twice and both times it exceeded my expectations. At 34 weeks my baby was still in breech position (bottom first), and in order to avoid a caesarean section or using external cephalic (ECV). I chose “Great Wall Health center” because I trust the experience and professionalism of Dr. Ganna Shalygina, R.Ac, TCMD, RMT who is particularly practicing pre-natal and post-natal acupuncture for years. I have tried acupuncture, particularly moxibustion, to turn my baby into a head-down position. This treatment helped to turn baby after 4 days.

  • I have been suffering from migraines off and on for over 20 years. I moved to Calgary couple of years ago from Ontario and my headaches progressively getting worse, to the point I was having constant headaches and pain killers stopped working, nothing really removes the pain completely.

  • My lower back pain was aggravated 4 month ago, and has been hurting me all day long since.  I was referred to see Dr. Benny Xu and I was completely pain free immediately after the acupuncture treatment. It felt great to be able to do things again!


  • Years of migraines not only affected the quality of my life but to the point, typical pain killers stopped working. Acupuncture treatments by Dr. Benny Xu are the only thing that worked to get rid of the pain.


  • The first 14 weeks of my pregnancy was absolutely dreadful, feeling exhausted, sick and up and down emotions.

    I couldn't believe the difference I felt after just one treatment; it was just incredible, the sickness stopped, my energy returned and I am just speechless. Thank you!


  • The Great Wall Health Centre has such a positive energy all around with calming atmosphere. For me, the treatment isn't just about the wonder of the needles, and how well I feel after the acupuncture session. It has becoming a tradition to have a peaceful healthy retread in the middle of day from my stressful work.


  • I have been under at the Great Wall Health Centre for tendonitis in my right shoulder.

    After two weeks of constant pain in my right shoulder and right arm, I went to the Great Wall Health Centre for acupuncture treatment, and I was unable to sleep and found it difficult to work at that point.

  • The care I received from Dr. Benny Xu was professional, was and effective. I definitely recommend Dr. Xu for his professional and effective service!


  • I went initially to Dr. Xu for problems that I was having with my sciatica.

    After trying other treatments which were not helping, it was recommended that I go to Dr. Xu and have acupuncture treatments.

  • 我的大女儿今年13岁了,从2015年1月开始,女儿发现腿上的皮肤又干又痒,有些地方还长了很多红色的小凸起。最开始我和老公都没太在意,以为只是不小心接触到了什么东西过敏了,过一阵自然就会消下去了。但是过了一两个月以后,干痒和发红的地方变得越来越大,有蔓延的趋势。女儿吓坏了,我和老公也特别担心,就赶紧联系我们的家庭医生。经过医生的化验诊断,女儿居然是得了牛皮癣。我们夫妻都知道这是个特别难治的疾病,心里特别害怕如果治不好的话,尤其孩子还这么小,女孩子青春期也比较敏感,肯定会影响到她上学和交朋友的。

  • I emigrated from Hong Kong to Calgary in 1989.

    I have always considered myself to be reasonably healthy, except for some minor setback (for example, I have osteoarthritis and ongoing allergies, infections and migraines). When I was younger, common cold, sore throat, laryngitis and bronchitis are regular occurrences. When antibiotics failed to eliminate my ailments, I turned to traditional Chinese medicine and have since been receptive to taking herbs and other Asian healing methods.

  • The Great Wall Health Centre, actually we have only been seeing Dr. Benny Xu, has been fantastic for our family.

    He was able to do wonders for my husband and my dad as well.

    Thank you Dr. Benny!

    A. McInenly

  • Prior to coming to GWH (Great Wall Health Center) I’d had zero experience with acupuncture – I began looking into it as a way to “recalibrate” my body, as I’d been experiencing serious stress for quite a long time and it was reflected in my cycle (completely out of sync), my skin (recurrent, severe acne cysts on my chin), and in the anxiety and panic attacks I was having on an ever more frequent basis.

  • I have seen Dr. Ganna Shalygina. She is an outstanding doctor.

    She is very professional and knowledgeable. She is very dedicated to her patients. I have been Receiving acupuncture treatment with her and I really feel the difference with the treatment.

    Sonia Fuentes


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